DoseRite is a new and clever solution that eliminates anal fissure pain.

Eliminate Anal Fissure Pain

The key to anal fissure pain relief is maintaining relaxation of the internal anal sphincter. This is achieved by delivering topical medications such as Calcium Channel Blockers (CCB) or Nitroglycerine (NTG) directly to the anal mucosa surrounding the anal sphincter muscle. Studies have shown that intra-anal application of topical medication is more effective at reducing internal sphincter pressure than peri-anal (finger) application1.

The Solution is DoseRite

DoseRite is the perfect solution for everyday pain relief. It offers ease in the application and dosing of self-administered fissure medication. DoseRite delivers the right dose to the anal mucosa every time. Using DoseRite three times per day with your prescribed medication keeps the sphincter muscle in a relaxed state and greatly reduces your pain and discomfort.

“I started to use the system last night with no problems, it was very easy to use, and knowing the right dosage is being administered is reassuring. No pain this morning.”Ian, England

Targeted Delivery

DoseRite’s intra-anal applicator was designed by Colorectal surgeons specifically for treating anal fissure pain. The closed end prevents delivery into the rectum, and slide slotted delivery ensures medication is delivered directly to the anal canal for maximum absorption by the anal mucosa. Targeted delivery of medication assures less side effects.

Simple Accurate Dosing

DoseRite’s dosing syringe and universal adapter connects to your medication tube to allow you to create a precise single dose every time. Accurate dosing of medication assures less side effects.

What is Included in DoseRite

DoseRite is intended for a 6-week treatment period
(3 applications per day)

1 each Universal Tube to Syringe Adapter
6 each Dosing Syringes
126 each Disposable Applicators

DoseRite does not include medication.
Contact your physician for dosing and medication
information that is right for you.
DoseRite is latex free.