A Clever Solution for Anal Fissure Pain

The key to anal fissure pain relief is maintaining relaxation of the internal anal sphincter muscle. This is achieved by delivering topical medications such as Calcium Channel Blockers or Nitroglycerine directly to the tissue surrounding the anal sphincter muscle (anoderm). Studies have shown that intra-anal application of topical medication is more effective at reducing internal sphincter pressure than application with a finger (peri-anal)1.

DoseRite Provides Consistent Pain Relief

DoseRite helps patients get the relief they need by taking the guesswork out of anal fissure treatment. Using DoseRite three times per day provides prolonged relaxation of the anal sphincter muscle and significant pain relief1.

Targeted Delivery of Medication

DoseRite’s patented applicator provides a simple and painless way for patients to apply medication inside the anal canal. The applicator’s side-slotted design ensures medication is applied directly to the anal mucosa (anoderm) for maximum absorption by the internal sphincter muscle.

Simple Accurate Dosing of Medication

DoseRite also includes a seamless dosing method that includes a universal adaptor and dosing syringes that connect directly to the patients’ medication container. This clever system allows patients to apply an accurate single dose every time for more consistent results and less wasted medication.

“I started to use the system last night with no problems, it was very easy to use, and knowing the right dosage is being administered is reassuring. No pain this morning”.
– Ian, England

What is Included in DoseRite

DoseRite is intended for a 4-week treatment period (3 applications per day)

Universal adapter for medication container
Resusable Dosing Syringes
Single-use Applicators

DoseRite does not include medication
Contact your physician for dosing and medication information that is right for you.
DoseRite is latex-free


How to Order DoseRite

1. If you already have your anal fissure medication you can order DoseRite at Amazon.com.

2. Our Patient Savings Program run by our national compounding pharmacy, AnazaoHealth offers patients a heavily discounted price for purchasing DoseRite and their compounded medication together.
Both DoseRite and your medication are shipped to you via free 2-day shipping.

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“It makes things easier and I have less side effects from the meds and better relief!
-Michael, Florida

1. Torrabadella L, Salgado G. Controlled Dose Delivery in Topical Treatment of Anal Fissure: Pilot Study of a New Paradigm. Dis Colon Rectum 2005; 49: 865–868