Directions for Use

DoseRite is a new dosing and applicator kit for your anal fissure medication. DoseRite helps you apply the prescribed dose of topical medication to the proper location every time.

Dosing Set-up with a DoseRite Jar

Important – Remove cap from medication jar adaptor and prime the medication jar by pushing the bottom of jar upwards until some
medication appears inside the adaptor.

Attach syringe to medication jar adaptor.

Fill the syringe with the correct dose of medication by slowly pulling up on the syringe plunger.

Remove syringe from jar and attach applicator tip.

Dosing Set-up with a Tube

Remove cap from medication tube and replace with purple adaptor.

Remove clear cap from purple adaptor.

Important – Prime the tube by squeezing until medication appears inside the purple adaptor.

Remove black cap from syringe and attach syringe to purple adaptor.

Fill the syringe with the correct dose of medication by slowly pulling on the syringe plunger.

Remove syringe from adaptor and attach Applicator Tip.

Apply Medication into Anal Canal

  1. Insert Applicator Tip into the anus up to the safety flange.
  2. Press syringe plunger to apply all the medication.
  3. Slightly rotate syringe to disperse medication before removing from the anus.
  4. Remove Applicator Tip from syringe and discard.
  5. Re-attach black cap onto syringe and store for future use.

Self-Medication Positions

Laying on back, insert syringe into the anus up to the flange and apply medication.

If you are unable to insert the applicator tip up to the flange.

– Have someone help you insert the applicator tip.

– If this is not possible, please contact your physician for alternative applicator options.

Cleaning Instructions

Syringes are intended for reuse. After each use, clean syringe by flushing with warm water.


  • Syringes with protective caps
  • Adaptor with protective cap (for medication tube use a purple adaptor – for DoseRite jar, a green adaptor is already attached to the medication jar)
  • Applicator Tips
  • Instruction for Use

DoseRite product does not include medication. It is used with a compounded medication prescribed by your physician. Consult your physician for medication and dosing instructions.

DoseRite is latex-free.

Intended Use

DoseRite is intended for use as a dosing and delivery device for use with anal fissure medication prescribed by a physician. DoseRite applicators are single-use devices. DO NOT REUSE APPLICATORS.


Use DoseRite only with medication prescribed by a physician. If a physician prescribes nitroglycerine (NTG) medication (Rectiv, Rectogesic or a compounded NTG) use gloves when handling these medications to avoid skin contact with NTG.

Dosing Information

Check with your physician for dosing information that is correct for you.