Order DoseRite with your Compounded Rx and Save

Our Patient Savings Program combines the purchase of DoseRite with a 4-week supply of a compounded medication at a discounted price for your patients.

We have partnered with AnazaoHealth, a national compounding pharmacy to provide patients with a compounded medication and DoseRite together for $90.00. Both products are shipped directly to patients via free 2-day shipping. All compounded preparations are packaged in a custom dispensing jar for easy dosing and intra-anal application.

Here is how the Patient Savings Program Works

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Click here to enroll in our Patient Savings Program and write your next Rx with us.

Prescription Ordering is Faster and Easier with AnazaoHealth® Pharmacy

Most compounded preparations with DoseRite are shipped nationally within 24 hours. AnazaoHealth’s pharmacists and Customer Service team are ready to support you and your patients.


Product Data Sheet

DoseRite Clinical Study

Patient Information Guide

AnazaoHealth® Pharmacy Ordering Information

Tel: 800.995.4363
Fax: 800.985.4363
For Prescriber online ordering: www.myanazao.com

Standard formulas available from AnazaoHealth

  • Diltiazem cream (2% and 4%)
  • Nifedipine cream (0.2% and 0.4%)
  • Additives are available upon request

Dosing Guidelines

We recommend the following:

  • Calcium Channel Blocker (Diltiazem, Nifedipine)
  • 0.5ml/dose
  • Nitroglycerine (Rectiv)
  • 0.3ml/dose
    (equal to 1-inch of medication)

Approximate medication loss with applicator is 0.05ml

“Ordering was easy. Arrived at my door in two days and started using it immediately. Much better experience than going to the pharmacy, and less expensive”.
– David, Houston