New Applicator for Topical Treatment of Anal HSIL

Proper application of topical medications outside the clinic can be challenging for patients. DoseRite’s Anal Applicator Kit for HSIL simplifies the process by supplying the components necessary for patients to self-administer their topical medication from a tube to the anal canal.

Controlled Dosing

DoseRite’s dosing syringe connects directly to the patient’s medication tube. This simple system allows patients to apply an accurate singe dose for more consistent and predictable results.

DoseRite Anal Fissure Applicator

Side-Slotted Applicator

DoseRite’s patented side-slotted applicator delivers medication within the anal canal and anal transition zone. The safety flange promotes safe, accurate placement of medication.

DoseRite HSIL Applicator

Simplify Self-Administration

DoseRite’s new rounded-tip applicator simulates the shape of a finger to help patients spread medication on the anal canal walls and deep in the folds of the anal canal.

DoseRite dosing tube
DoseRite dosing tube

Step 1: After dispensing medication, patients can tilt the applicator to apply outward pressure.

Step 2: While maintaining outward pressure, massage the applicator back and forth in a circle to spread medication into the folds of the anal canal.

Conveniently Packaged for Patients

The DoseRite Anal HSIL Applicator Kit includes every a patient needs for one treatment cycle:

  • 2 each  DoseRite Anal HSIL Applicators
  • 2 each  Dosing Syringes (1ml) 
  • 1 each  Tube Adapter and Cap
  • 1 each  Cleaning Tool
  • 1 each  Instructions for Use
DoseRite Anal Fissure Kitavailable at amazon
Where is DoseRite Available?

1. DoseRite is available on for patients who already have their topical medication for anal HSIL. 

2. DoseRite is also available at participating pharmacies. Contact us to find a participating pharmacy near you or if you're interested in your pharmacy stocking DoseRite.