Eliminate Anal Fissure Pain with DoseRite

See how DoseRite reduces anal fissure pain by targeting the spastic internal anal sphincter muscle. The proprietary side-slotted applicator delivers your medication directly to the anal lining for improved absorption by the sphincter muscle. Using DoseRite three times per day provides prolonged relaxation of the anal sphincter muscle and significant pain relief.

DoseRite Jar Demonstration

DoseRite includes a seamless dosing method that uses a universal adaptor and dosing syringes that connect directly to a patient's medication container. This clever system allows patients to apply an accurate single dose every time for more consistent results and less wasted medication.

DoseRite Medication Tube Demonstration

DoseRite helps patients get the relief they need by taking the guesswork out of anal fissure treatment. Watch the following video to see how DoseRite makes dosing from your medication tube simple and accurate.