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We believe that prescription topical therapy of anal fissure can help the Gastroenterologist or Colorectal Surgeon treat patients effectively without additional consultations and help select those patients who are most in need of surgical sphincterotomy. Optimistic projections are that improved surgical selection might also contribute to reduction in adverse consequences of anal sphincterotomy.

DoseRite was designed by two surgeons who recognized the value of prescription topical treatments but were unhappy with the imprecision of dosing and focus that often attended random compounding in tubes or jars and dependence upon digital or perianal application. Since each of these medications is "dose-dependent", precise dosing was an important issue in development of the device. Increasing efficacy, minimizing side effects, and increasing patient compliance are the intended benefits.

DoseRite’s patented anal applicator provides a simple and painless way for patients to accurately apply fissure medication within the anal canal. The applicator’s side slotted design ensures medication is applied directly to the anoderm for efficient absorption by the internal sphincter muscle. A safety flange ensures the tip is inserted to a safe depth and the closed-end design prevents unwanted delivery in the rectum. DoseRite's proprietary adapter allows patients to transfer and apply a single dose of medication from a tube or jar without direct contact with the medication. As a result, side effects such are headaches are greatly reduced even at larger doses (0.3cc-0.5cc).¹

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DoseRite is available for your patients online at and at compounding pharmacies throughout the US. We are happy to work with your local compounding pharmacy to make DoseRite available in your area. To inquire please send us a message at

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