How to Start your Patients on DoseRite

How to Start Your Patients on DoseRite

1. Prescribe Compounded Medication

Provide a prescription for a compounded CREAM with an active ingredient (Diltiazem or Nifedipine) or Rectiv (NTG).

• Medication must be in a TUBE format. (all compounding pharmacies offer medication in a tube — you just have to ask).

• The prescription should be for 90 grams of medication. (90 grams is required for a 6-week regimen with 3 doses per day).


2. Provide DoseRite Trial Pack

Provide the patient with a free DoseRite Trial Pack and Patient Information Guide.

How is DoseRite Supplied

6-Week Pack

Patients can order a full 6-week pack of DoseRite at

• Cost of 6-week pack (3 doses/day) is $79.00

• 6-week pack contains the following items:

1 each Universal Tube-to-Syringe Adapter
6 each Dosing Syringes
126 each Disposable Application Tips

Trial Pack

Physicians can receive free DoseRite Trial Packs for their patients by filling out the physician interest form.

• The Trial Pack is intended to show patients how precise intra-anal application of topical medication can reduce fissure pain by improving relaxation of the sphincter muscle.

6-Week Pack